Investing on Trusted Relationships


About Us

Weocracy is a community of businesses, investors, communities, and mentors.


Angel Investor

For the founder team needing a lead angel/syndicate to help fill out a funding round.

Board Member

For the founder team seeking a trusted leader, advisor and principal to represent common shareholders.

Active Advisor

For the founder team seeking cash investment backing and valued trusted relationships and network connections.

Guardian Angel

A trusted guardian angel relationship exclusively for JEDI founder teams.

Portfolio Highlights

We love our founder teams.  Only the most insanely driven would attempt it.  Most fail for either what they can control or what they can’t control such as the natural ebbs and flows of venture capital and fundraising cycles.  Many get back up after being knocked down.  They, as the saying goes, “find a way, or make one.”  And while the journey regardless of the outcome is itself rewarding, only a few get to a happy business exit for founder teams, employees, investors, customers, and the world.

Seeking Innovators

Weocracy provides pre-seed and seed investment and trusted advisory services for founders focused on building great teams, companies categories, and products built on a foundation of trust.

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